This is Josh Garcia speaking and here is my short visual Bio.

Life began with immense stimulation of all my senses. I was born in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in a small town at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. My imagination and creative desire was noticed by my parents at a very young age. Growing up my mother and father encouraged me in all facets of life including my creativity, which would define who I would become.

In search of an identity I found my calling in college as a graphic designer. After majoring in Visual art and Design, I traveled to sunny southern California where I continued to learn what the industry had to offer.
I have worked hands on with large and small businesses alike and have gained immense respect for life and all it's challenges. My work is an undefined and constantly evolving method of expression. My passion for design along with solid production knowledge help me not only to make designs but to make designs that work. From print production to web, my work has been published on a national level.

I look forward to the future and all it will bring with it.
Thanks everyone!